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Vanilla Protein


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Gluten Free
Low in Sugar
Good for Gut Health  (0.1g)
Soy Free ✅
Broad Amino Acids 

GM Free 

Natural Ingredients 

Recyclable Packaging 

Vegan Friendly 

29 Servings & 25g of Protein Per Serving!

Our brand new, vegan-friendly, Superhuman Protein with added B12 has arrived! 

Our nutritionists have specifically picked a combination of 'Pea and Pumpkin Seed Protein' to help enhance athletic performance.

The pea and pumpkin seed protein is Combined with B12 and all natural ingredients, making our Superhuman Vegan Protein the 1st choice for ethically conscious athletes.

We chose to develop a pea protein based blend because not only does it digest more efficiently, but it's amino acid profile is also similar to whey protein and is particularly high in arginine, lysine, and phenylalanine.

Our Pea and Pumpkin Seed Protein is high in zinc and iron and is 'Non-Allergic' whereas many other plant-based proteins include soy, and can become a problem for those who are allergic or sensitive to soy.

Most importantly, we have added B12 to all our flavours of protein. as vegan diets tend to lack this vital nutrient and even as much as 40% of the population suffer from low B12 levels. 

This vitamin is key for an athlete because it play's a part in so many metabolic pathways. 

It helps with:

Supporting Energy

Cardiovascular Heath

Healthy Bones

Preventing Nerve Damage

Improving Mood and Outlook

All our ingredients are natural and GM free and our tubs are all 100% recyclable!

If you have any further questions about the product please feel free to email us at