Superhuman X Race

Superhuman X Race

Superhuman X Race

Superhuman X Race

Sunday 07th June 2020

£42.00 per person

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X Race - Ashton Gate Stadium

Superhuman X Race is our brand new sporting category that will be launched on Sunday 7th June at Superhuman Sports Festival 2020.

Don't be deceived by the name... X Race is not a mud run, or even just another a running race... its an all round test of functional fitness endurance! 

X Race is a completely new sporting concept that cross combines functional workouts, unconventional movements, obstacles, and tests your all round cardiovascular endurance.

Type of things to expect in 2020;
Spin bikes, Tyre Pulls, Unconventional Object Carries, Rowers, Kettlebells, Box Jumps/Steps, Running, Stair Climbs, Navigating Obstacles, Burpees, Climbing, Jumping, Pushing, Sandbags, Atlas Balls... to name but a few!

X Race is unlike anything else you have ever taken part in, but you do not need any specific technical skill sets in order to take part ... however you will need a good level of general fitness, determination and resilience!

Something to consider when choosing your 5k or 10k distance !
Don't be deceived by the distances either..... As even though the challenge does spread across a distance of 5k, there are many mini fitness challenges to complete along the way, so we expect the standard 5k option to take around 60-90 minutes to complete! (10k means two laps)

When you register you can choose to either race 'just for fun', or you can enter our competitive heats and race against other competitors.

Entry Categories;

I'm Racing Just For Fun

Individuals Open (18-34)

Individuals Masters (35+)

Same Sex Pairs Open (Combined age 32-68)

Same Sex Pairs Masters (Combined age 69+)

Mixed Teams (2 Males / 2 Females)